How to Remove

To Remove Nail Tip Hair Extensions
Pour a few drops of acetone directly onto the dried keratin bond.
Crunch the bond using the pliers repeatedly. The combination of the acetone and the pressure from the pliers will break the keratin down.
Use your fingers to turn the bond while continuing to crunch with the pliers. Twist the loosened bond in your fingers, and then slowly pull the extension from your natural hair.
Comb your hair to remove any leftover glue chunks.
To Remove Stick Tip Hair Extensions
Grip the micro ring with the pliers.
Pinch the micro ring in the opposite direction of the direction you used to fasten it.
To Remove Tape in Hair Extensions
Removing your tape in hair extensions is extremely quick and simple. Using a specially formulated adhesive remover, you can spray in or apply the remover to the weft. It then gently breaks down the adhesive and the weft comes loose, causing no damage to your hair!
After removing the wefts you can use the remover to rid of any adhesive so that you can reapply new tape and reuse your tape in hair extensions!